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We are experts in producing
purposeful video & engaging virtual events

POWER UP Video Studios Logo

Our mission is to transform your ideas into powerful content that

engages, inspires, and drives results. 

In-studio, on-location or remote 

Consistent, high-quality video content is possible with our flat-rate subscription video production plans. Maximize value by booking the number of POWER PLAY Sessions you need per year, rather than the type or quantity of videos.

Flat Rate Video Production

Your POWER UP Flat-Rate Subscription Includes:


  • Professional, High-Resolution Full Service Video Production

    • One or Two Camera Video and Professional Audio Capture


  • Unlimited Videos and Editing for All Footage Captured

    • We’re flexible! Whether you need a month’s worth of social media videos or want to focus on creating a more detailed marketing video over multiple days, we will help you maximize your POWER PLAY Session. All content is developed, scripted and approved by both parties In advanced of your POWER PLAY session.


  • Scripting & Storyboarding

    • From YouTube videos to customer testimonials, thought leadership pieces, social media content, product videos, and beyond—we’re equipped to handle just about any video need.


  • Strategy Sessions

    • We remove the guesswork from video production. We will develop a detailed video strategy covering your website, social media, etc. We handle every detail so you can focus on delivering your content and engaging with your fans.


Can I really get as many videos as I want?
Absolutely. Any video content we can film during your allocated filming days is fully covered. Ask us for details on maximizing a filming day.
What’s the duration of a POWER PLAY?
A POWER PLAY or “Filming Session” is four hours, starting from our arrival at your location. You can combine two sessions to film up to 8 hours at once.
Are there any extra costs?
Additional costs may apply for location rentals, and travel requiring flights or hotels. Client will always approve any additional costs before executed. Specialty services like explainer animation and YouTube management are available as add-ons.
Where can you film?
Your video can be shot at any location of your choice, whether it's your business premises, a client’s space, or another specific site. Our base in Ashland, VA, allows us to cover the East Coast conveniently, and we can travel further if needed.

What type of files will I receive?

You’ll receive high-resolution .mp4 files for each video, which you can use indefinitely.


What if I don’t use all my POWER PLAY sessions?

Unused filming sessions can be rolled over to the next year, with a maximum of 2 days carried over, provided you renew your agreement.

Can I get per-project pricing?

Yes, we also offer per-project pricing. Please contact us for a custom quote.

POWER PLAY SESSIONS start at $7500

Split billing monthly or quarterly. 3, 6 or 12 mo committment required

Enjoy fresh, compelling content year-round with POWER UP Flat-Rate Subscriptions.

You are guaranteed to have video content you need to enhance your brand and drive results.

Non-Profit Storytelling

In the world of non-profit and cause or mission-driven organizations, video content has emerged as a game-changing tool for donor engagement, constituent recognition, and fundraising efforts.


Video is a powerful storytelling device that can illuminate your organization's mission, visualize the impact of your work, emotionally connect with your audience and is instrumental in your fundraising efforts.

Video Podcast Production

You focus 100% on content creation and connection, we've got the rest!

In-Person or Remote

Stress Free Experience for You and Your Guests

Our producers handle everything, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.  Enjoy the opportunity for a more immersive and enjoyable experience for your guest and the audience.

Pro Tech Support

Your POWER UP producer will ensure the technical quality of your audio, lighting and camera angles, all of which can drastically elevate the production value of your video podcast. They also assist with editing, ensuring your content is well-paced, engaging, and free from any technical errors.

Reboot and Refresh

Does your channel need a little refresh?  Maybe a look behind the curtain to make sure you're optimized and current?  Don't worry - we got you.

Brand Storytelling

POWER UP has mastered the art and science of Strategic Brand Storytelling resulting in content that possesses the power to transform perspectives, change behaviors and inspire action.

We understand the transformative potential of video marketing.


It's more than just a tool—it's a dynamic medium that can tell your story, illustrate your value proposition, and connect with your audience on an emotional level

Examples of Video Marketing Content:

  • Product Explainer/Demo

  • Client Testimonials

  • Behind-The-Scenes

  • Company Culture Videos

  • Thought Leadership/Expert

  • Case Studies​

  • Product launch

  • Event promotions

  • Video ads

  • Recruitment videos

  • FAQ videos 

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